Product of the month

Love Heartbox – 4x605g
Love comes in many forms, colours, and flavours. That’s why this gift box offers a selection of five delicious flavour variations.

Our passion

The good taste

Flavours are not only an essential part of our product. It’s also a part of our brand story. A Wally and Whiz winegum always consists of two flavours, which complement each other, and together they create a delicate and exquisite taste experience.

One flavour is found in the coating of the winegum, while the other is packed inside. This way, one flavour is released as soon as you put the winegum into your mouth – the other as soon as you put your teeth into it.

We are curious about new flavour combinations, and we are constantly searching for new and exciting flavours. We find inspiration for new flavour combinations in berries, fruits, roots and flowers from all over the world – and we want to share our curiosity and thus inspire to experience new flavours.

We also believe that unique taste experiences come from using only the best ingredients. That is why we use natural flavours and colours in our winegums. They are 100 % vegan – and free of gluten and allergens.